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Name Event
ZoZ Lockpicking Intro
Blåhaj, Johan Aikema ProxyHell
Mato I want my RPC
Mirza Burhan Baig The Great Hospital Hack !!
Zarko Zivanov Reviving the TIM-011 (plus Workshop)
Marc Nimmerrichter Kubernetes Security - Challenge and Opportunity
fladnaG Internationalized Domain Names… and its possible bad uses
Aleksandar Bakalov Meteo Sondes Hunting and Hacking, Hunting Electronic Foxes
Robert Simmons Malware Analysis Workshop , Malicious Excel 4.0 Macros
Vladan Nikolic Hardware Hacking
Vanja Svajcer Subjective and objective code similarity measures
Christina Come closer: digital connectedness and well-being in a pandemic and beyond
november From Ember to Inferno - Exchanging emails, shouldn't lead to complete disaster
Stevan Gostojic Masters in Information Security at Faculty of Technical Sciences
Aleksej Surveillance required - Network effect of surveillance apps
Daisy Hilbrands Decoding the patterns of bad communication
MacLemon USB - How does it even work?
Sandra Bardón The Neverending Story… an APT real case!
Kost Go Offensive Building Blocks
Kirils Solovjovs Screaming into the void: All e-signatures in the world are broken!
Amelia Andersdotter, Kirils Solovjovs There once was a "we" in "web"
Hetti The journey to becoming an IT security expert
Radiona TBD
Jelena Cosic Internet under sanctions: then and now